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18/04/2019 - LE COL/Arcadian Series 2019 - GC after 2 Rounds

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Top 10

Results :

Any queries to me Tom McCall, Series Co-ordinator at tomcat9@blueyonder.co.uk


A –

1. Marco Coppola, Windymilla, 16pts

=2. Matt Holmes, Artic Tacx, 15pts

=2. Paul Pickup, Meudon Sovereign/Pedal Heaven, 15pts

=4. Dean Corney, Meudon Sovereign/Pedal Heaven, 13pts

=4. Arjan Planting, Dulwich Paragon, 13pts

6. Marek Siwicki, Addiscombe CC, 11pts

=7. Tomasz Chielewski, Finchley RT, 9pts

=7. Valentino Fontana, Gemini BC, 9pts

=9. Dan Clark, Pretorius, 8pts

=9. Grzegorz Gacek, NKK CC, 8pts


B -

=1. Graham Crow, Windymilla, 15pts

=1. John Puleston-Jones, Dulwich Paragon, 15pts

=3. Rowan Horner, VC St Raphael, 13pts

=3. Martin Jones, Colourtech RT, 13pts

=5. Jared Millar, Verulam Really Moving, 11pts

=5. David Tate, In Gear, 11pts

=5. Gary Tulloch, PB Cycle cOaching RT, 11pts

=8. David Austin, Gemini BC, 9pts

=8. Mark Oldfield, 4T+ Cyclopark, 9pts

=10. Dave Creggan, VC Meudon, 8pts

=10. Brad Lamb, Victoria CC, 8pts


C -

1. Antony Wallis, Team Jewson, 30pts

2. Jeff Lamb, VC Meudon, 22pts

=3. Gavin Francis, London Dynamo, 13pts

=3. Nigel Langridge, Crawley Whs, 13pts

5. Andrew Buurman, Rapha CC, 10pts

=6. Mike Edwards, Veloton, 9pts

=6. Antonius Wubben, JLT Condor, 9pts

=8. Nick Symes, VC Londres, 8pts

=8. John Watson, Hitchin Nomads, 8pts

10. Neil Dowie, Shorter Rochford, 7pts


D -

1. Paul James, Crawley Whs, 20pts

2. Phil Hoffman, Abellio/SFA, 19pts

=3. Ashley Holding, Velosol, 15pts

=3. Kevin Holloway, GS Vecchi, 15pts

=5. Julian Bray, Dulwich Paragon, 13pts

=5. Roland Tilley, Bournemouth Cycleworks, 13pts

7. Russell Crowe, Abellio/SFA, 11pts

8. Rob Kennison, Medway velo, 9pts

9. Karl Moseley, Fishface Cycles 8pts

10. John Alderman, GS Vecchi, 7pts


E -

1. Bob Downs, JLT Condor, 30pts

2. Robin Osborne, London Dynamo, 22pts

3. Peter Brookes, Bath CC, 13pts

4. Tony Toynton, Southdown Velo, 12pts

=5. Costa Pierides, Finchley RT, 11pts

=5. David Pollard, In Gear, 11pts

=7. Dominic Lowden, Lewes Wanderers, 8pts

=7. Steve Wharton, Finchley RT, 8pts

9. Steve White, VC Londres, 7pts

=10. Keith Gross, Glendene CC, 6pts

=10. John Phillips, Sotonia CC, 6pts


F -

1. Andy Roberts, GS Vecchi, 22pts

2. Tony Richardson, Abellio/SFA, 17pts

=3. Ralph Keeler, St Ives CC, 15pts

=3. Dave McMullen, Cotswold Veldrijden, 15pts

=3. John Rayner, GS Henley, 15pts

6. Bob Ford, Bournemouth Cycleworks, 13pts

=7. Peter constable, Basildon CC, 11pts

=7. Malcolm Freeman, GS Vecchi, 11pts

9. Peter Wilson, Bournemouth Arrow, 9pts

10. Brian Burgess, GS Vecchi, 7pts


G -

1. James Gowan, In Gear, 20pts

=2. Philip Cooper, Kingsnorth Int, 15pts

=2. Geoff Wiles, Abellio/SFA, 15pts

=4. Andy Hicks, Bath CC, 13pts

=4. Peter Jones, Hillingdon CC, 13pts

6. Michael Murkin, Swindon RC, 11pts

7. Bill Butterworth, Twickenham CC, 9pts



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